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5 Results Focused Time Management Tips

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time managementIn my previous working life, I delivered a one-day training programme called Results Focused Time Management. I love Time Management! People think I am mad but I love how it can empower us to live full, rich, happy days and ultimately incredible lives.

I have trained many people from organisations such as WH Smith, Kia Motors, EDS and Siemens. It has been a while since my last programme but last month I was asked by a trusted business colleague from the In-House Training Company if I would run the programme again as open and in-company events. Why not, I thought.

So, Natural Superheroes are delighted to announce a new partnership with The In-House Training Company. The first re-vamped Results Focused Time Management open event will be held on 12th July 2016 in London.

For full details please use this link. If you book to attend the programme, please use the booking code AT100 for a discount of £100 – Results Focused Time Management Event Information

In-Company Event

And, if you are interested in an In-Company event for up to 10 people, I am offering a substantial discount to the first 10 organisations who make a first-time booking.

I am wholly committed to excellence. All of the Natural Superheroes in-company programmes come with a satisfaction guarantee. If you or your team feel that the programme is not proving genuinely worthwhile within the first three-hours of the event, then a full refund will be given no questions asked.

For an outline of the programme, please click here. And, to ask questions or make a booking please complete our enquiry form and someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours. Thank you.

I thought I would share a small number of principles from the programme. So, here are 5 of my many time management tips:

  1. Plan for the following week on the Friday or the weekend before and for the next day on the evening before – One and a half hours each week and 15 to 30 minutes every day is my optimum time allowance for planning. I usually complete my weekly planner on Sunday (although I appreciate this isn’t for everyone, in which case Fridays work just as well). And, I complete my daily planner the evening before the next day. As best as I can, I make sure I know what are the most important activities that need doing before I start work each morning.  AND I make sure I have liaised with people who are involved in these activities the day before too. I believe it is respectful to give people some notice of what I am asking them to do.
  2. Focus on the results you want to achieve NOT the actions or the to do list – It’s too easy to do the things that feel good instead of doing what actually needs to be done. Busy people are not necessarily achieving anything. So, every action taken should be towards a specific and conscious result. Always ask “what results do I want to achieve” before asking “what do I need to do?”
  3. Know your enneagram type! – Often, the reasons people find it hard to manage their time is because their inner drives and habits are unhealthy – it is not that their time management systems need improving, it’s their sense of self.  Procrastination, overwhelm, not saying no … and more …. all happen because the ego doesn’t have good ‘self’ control. Every Enneagram type can apply specific time management strategies that develop the healthy aspects of their behaviour in ways that naturally drive them towards success. For more information please complete the free online enneagram profile questionnaire.
  4. Time your actions and keep it real – There are 24 hours in a day …. budget wisely and estimate how long actions will take both individually and as a whole. We might have to make some difficult choices in advance as to where and how we spend our time but at least we won’t over-commit ourselves and to others.
  5. Delegating a task doesn’t mean that the responsibility for ensuring that it is completed isn’t still ours! – Anything we delegate is still our responsibility in terms of completion. Just because an action is on someone else’s action list doesn’t mean we can take it off ours and forget about it!

If you are interested in running a one day Results Focused Time Management event in your organisation, please email info@naturalsuperheroes.com with your contact information and someone will be in touch within 48 hours.