About Natural Superheroes

“When we understand the many aspects of the ‘self’ we have greater awareness and control over our emotions, behaviour and our results.”
Anne Thomas

Founded and created by Anne Thomas, Natural Superhero programmes offer people very personal and unique training, coaching and mentoring experiences.

Anne has been coaching in major corporate environments for over 25 years.

Creator, director and author of the RC60™ Accelerated Coaching System, she has worked with a wide variety of well-known companies in the UK and overseas for the purpose of developing coaching cultures within teams and across organisations.

Anne now coaches and mentors corporate, sales and professional sports people delivering her unique coaching training methods and programmes. She works with her own very small and trusted team of people to educate and empower, coach and train individuals, teams, leaders and organisations in the ways of the ‘Natural Superhero’.

This year, she will be judging the Best Coaching and Mentoring Programme for the 2016 Training Journal Awards.

“An excellent event, I would recommend it to others! I will use these tools in session with my team and informally in my interaction with many people in the organisation and to coach myself.”

Debbie Bailey Human Resources Director Champneys Health Resort

“This has clarified a lot of grey areas I have had in management and helped me understand people more. The Enneagram is great way of making it easier to get the best out of my team. I am sure the impact will be a better performance and a better karma in the workplace.”

Tanya Lopez, Senior Manager, The Sanctuary Covent Garden

“Extremely useful pick-up model to add to your coaching toolkit – it’s a real, tangible model to use immediately. Great programme, many thanks.”

Liz Field, Gerrards Stockbrokers, Part of the Barclays Group