‘Be’ Amazing – a poem by Anne

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Something to read if you want to feel inspired today ……

I’m not going to lie, I felt scared and overwhelmed this morning with so much going on, so many key decisions and choices to make.
The greater my life gets then the greater the challenges get daily. And so I have created this poem to remind myself of what Natural Superheroes is really about and why life really is so amazing.
Maybe it will inspire others too, so, if you are reading this then have an amazing day and ‘Be’ Amazing, Anne x

‘Be’ Amazing

When we are present with ourselves (in spite of what we may have said and done) then we see that we are amazing

When we are present with others (in spite of their harsh words and actions) then we see that they too are amazing

When we are present with the world (in spite of hate, terror and war) then we can see that the world is amazing

When we are present in life (in spite of our situations and suffering) then we consciously chose our words and actions and we truly are and can ‘Be‘ Amazing

….. I wonder what would happen today if we all dared to ‘Be’ Amazing?

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