Georgie Orton Talks About Her Natural Superhero Development Experience

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Natural Superheroes – getting my cape on!

I have had the pleasure of Anne Thomas in my life for all of my adult years. She bowled in to my work at Barclays Bank in 1990 during a fortunate branch merger and her enthusiasm and approach to life inspired me, we became friends. Our lives took different paths, although with a similar passion for personal development and training, we would catch up to share our battle scars and our latest career stories. What always struck me about Anne was her steadfast commitment to integrity and working for the greater good.

Ten years ago, she shared with me her latest project and personal research, around personal development. She shared with me an opportunity to help raise my self-awareness, to help me remove some of my own personal pressures or blocks I put on myself and approach life’s daily challenges from a healthier angle.

Anne invited me to join a small group coming from a wide background, the competitive sports world, the sales industry, the health and beauty guru, a keen guitarist and fire walker and little old me :-). What I witnessed in those few days was the most powerful, moving, funny, development opportunity I have ever had the pleasure to experience.

The penny dropped, I was in charge of my emotions, and my approach could influence how meetings and events would go. By understanding my natural behaviours, by managing myself through each interaction, and being more aware of my impact on others naturally others around me would respond positively.

The tools used by her organisation, Natural Superheroes, provided me with an incredible realisation and authentically raised my self-awareness. Using her personality profiling, I was able to identify why many situations had provided me with so much anxiety. It gave me answers to why I had ended up here, at that moment, and with greater personal awareness of my behaviours.
It helped me raise my self-awareness to enable me identify when and how to avoid operating in an unhealthy level. Providing tools to help me manage my behaviours to reflect and perform at an average and ideally a healthy level. It continues to teach me to listen to my internal instincts, to be more aware of the present moment, be grateful, and how to internally manage situations which I would find difficult. More recently health issues and a long hospitalisation has certainly challenged me!

Today I am proud to support Anne as a volunteer trainer for Natural Superheroes. On a daily basis, I don’t claim to always get my approach to my work and personal life right, like us all I do have challenging days. But Natural Superheroes helps me have the confidence to celebrate my successes and to reflect on how I could have approached situations, not better….. but differently. I apply the techniques and tools she has shared with me and proudly share her profiling and tools whenever I can and if Anne asks for help, I’m always ready to get my cape on!
To find our more visit Anne at Natural Superheroes …… or attend one of her workshops……

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Georgie (left) serves on one of the panels at the Facebook Sunday Time Education Festival
Georgie also served as one of the key team members on the judging panel for The Training Journal Awards – Best Coaching and Mentoring Programme