Natural Sales Superheroes

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A Unique Edge for Sales Teams ….

I know what it is like to wake up every day and know that I am only as good today as my last sale. Having worked in and with corporate sales teams as a sales person and as a sales manager for over 25 years, I understand fully the constant pressure, drive and focus on closing the next piece of business.

What has kept me sane and in control of my output and success has been my depth of knowledge of the Enneagram which has served me, my colleagues and my clients extremely well over the years.

Knowing exactly what drives a prospective client when I first meet them means I instantly understand so much more about their reasons for making an enquiry into or showing interest in a product or solution.

However, I also know that the most important part of knowing this information is to use it wisely. As long as I am using what I know to serve the client holding their best interests in mind at all times then it gives me an edge that allows me to build trusted and valuable business relationships that stand the test of time.

So, I focus first and foremost on the healthiest aspects my Natural Superhero Sales Person profile which keeps me focused on creating extraordinary, personal to me, trusted and long term client relationships. I can then enjoy creating client new opportunities that drive me positively to keep going even on the darkest of days and stay grounded in terms of my sales approach, sales skills and abilities.

There are 27 possible combinations of sales person and client profile. To list all of them and all of their Natural Superhero Sales Superpowers would be a whole book in itself which maybe I will write one day. For now, for a sales person and their sales manager/director to know what their team comprises of in terms of where their natural strengths in a sales role really lie is hugely valuable. The numbers won’t make any sense to you without knowing about them but let me give you an example of three different profiles and how they would benefit from honing their personal sales approach:

Nines with a One Wing make incredible sales people when they focus on the quality of their own activity and use a proactive yet relaxed networking style approach to selling. This ensures they are quickly and effectively expanding their personal network so that over time new and existing clients come to them instead of them having to chase so much business.

“Well that would be the same for any sales person!”, I hear you say. Actually no – not true. One’s have a natural ability and deep drive to create fun and free relationships with huge numbers of people and can attract clients more easily if they focus on simply raising their personal profile within the right relevant and significant circles. They need to be ready immediately at any moment then to react to client requests and make business happen quickly.

A dear friend of mine is a Sales Director. His profile is nine with an eight wing. His superpowers lie in helping people achieve great things. From a sales perspective, this could be helping clients or, within the sales team itself, proactively helping people achieve their sales targets. To do this requires his energy is focused primarily not on leading the team, but helping them to achieve – this subtle shift can have a huge positive impact on the performance of his team.

A third example would be sixes with seven wings who can often be found in sales roles. Their sales superpower lies in their ability to know more than anyone else about their product and industry. They have an amazing ability, at their best, to connect with anyone – yes anyone. They flourish in community activities which serve a purpose of bringing people together. They excel at charity events, sponsorship drives and becoming and an integral part of the client experience (whatever that might be). But, only when they operate from the healthiest aspect of their profile.

You see the profiles also tell us how we sabotage our own sales performance. And I know now when I am even slightly off point. This gives me the awareness I need to change my approach – immediately.

When working with an entire sales force, the team becomes more versatile in helping each other secure business with particular types of client and sales initiatives. Also, the quality of their sales and more authentic sense of fulfilment they get from their sales role infinitely improves. And crucially there is another added bonus to applying these principles? Their natural drives to attract more quality business are much more easily sustained over longer periods of time as the ability to handle the constant pressure of being in a sales role effectively is ultimately mastered.

I am genuinely happy working in sales because I have discovered how to make sales that I genuinely doing. I have a closer connection to and better relationships with clients and importantly – I can now keep going day after day after day and still enjoy the entire process – between many mugs of tea of course J

Anne provides proven one-day workshops for sales teams of between 6-10 people and works with teams over agreed periods of time to develop their Natural Superhero Sales skills. She will profile your team and provide strategies for selling based on the deepest natural drives within your sales team. She will also provide insights into understanding what drives your clients too and how to communicate even more effectively in sales with them. Click Here for Full Details.

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