Natural Superheroes One-Day Workshop

An entertaining interactive ‘Natural Superhero’ workshop experience introducing enneagram motivational profiling in a fun way and exploring practical emotional intelligence exercises for improving personal performance and the self.


This one-day workshop is an introduction into the Natural Superheroes concepts, training programmes and resources. As the name of the course suggests, delegates are provided with practical tools and techniques to realise greater potential, develop natural self-confidence and apply a results focused emotional intelligence approach to work, sport and life. This transformational workshop is available as an in-company event for 6-10 people.

This Natural Superheroes workshop is proven to:

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence
  • Increase Natural Self Confidence
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Heighten Self Awareness
  • Provide a Greater Understanding of Others
  • Enhance Team Building Skills and Knowledge
  • Help Manage Conflict and Grievances
  • Improve Performance Under Pressure
  • Achieve Better Results

Through this experience, people gain:

  • a deeper level of experience and understanding of what specifically drives their behaviour and the behaviour of people in their team. These unique insights explain not just how people behave but exactly WHY people behave the way they do
  • an experience of what it takes to be unshakeable in moments of crisis, regain control of difficult situations quickly and manage the situation to a positive outcome
  • an understanding of the pitfalls and the psychological traps we set ourselves which cause unnecessary stress, anxiety and frustration on a daily basis
  • access to very simple and practical tools that massively increase self-awareness, engender accountability and responsibility and develop emotional mastery. When a sense of grounded euphoria is achieved when we develop naturally high levels of focus, energy and motivation without the ‘rah rah’ approach. Instead of running on adrenaline, driving towards burnout, delegates learn how to deliver consistently good performance that is highly enjoyable and more easily sustainable over longer periods of time
  • insights into the ‘real’ reasons for procrastination and specific workable strategies people can apply easily to overcome it based on their natural motivational styles of working. This ensures better decision making, deadlines are more likely to be met, positive action is taken consistently and work is completed to a authentically high standard
  • a results focused approach to emotional intelligence using effective accelerated self-coaching strategies
  • brand new insights into working with and handling difficult people across all levels of management. Whether your colleagues are demonstrating aggressive or passive aggressive tendencies this information and experience sheds a whole new light on developing communication skills to manage people effectively over the long term

Who should attend this programme?

  • Anyone wanting to improve results, focus, and motivation of themselves and or a team
  • Anyone feeling stressed or wanting to reduce stress within themselves and others
  • Anyone wanting to understand themselves and how they can influence difficult situations in a positive way
  • Anyone wanting to develop their emotional intelligence skills and knowledge


  • What is a Natural Superhero?
  • Defining Emotional Intelligence
  • Knowing yourself – why most people don’t know themselves at all and how we can understand exactly what drives our behaviour
  • Knowing exactly why others behave the way they do – understanding the real motives behind people’s good and bad behaviour
  • Simple steps to freeing yourself of any anxiety, pressure and false sense of limitation
  • Being yourself – why this is not as easy as it sounds and how it can be effortless
  • How to take control of creating the results you really need and want for yourself and others
  • Strategies that raise your self-awareness in difficult situations and in moments of crisis

The Enneagram

  • What is the Enneagram and why it is so valuable when developing emotional intelligence
  • The 9 types of motivational drives behind human behaviour
  • Enneagram triads of wanting control, acceptance and security – common reasons underlying outward behaviour and how types can better manage these negative driving emotions
  • Core types and wings – understanding the influence of other motivations either side of the core enneagram type
  • Motivational subtypes – nuances which colour our personalities and makes us wholly unique
  • Celebrities from the world of politics, cinema, sports – what are their core drives, why have they arisen and how can we use these insights to help ourselves
  • The 3 levels of behaviour within your personal profile
  • How to interpret and make use of the results of your online personal profile – delegates complete our profile online before the event and have the opportunity of analysing their results
  • Lookalike enneagram types – mistaken identities – how to avoid these traps when profiling your team
  • How to communicate effectively with each of the different enneagram types – communication strategies for positive impact on morale, performance and ultimately corporate results

Why positive thinking alone doesn’t work

  • Why ‘PMA’ does not stand for positive mental attitude when developing results focused emotional intelligence. Learn it’s alternative meaning that can serve you even more effectively
  • 3 steps and exercises that naturally increase PMA
  • The value of making unconscious thinking conscious and how to do this without any pain or discomfort
  • Why each enneagram type has a different experience of PMA in terms of their outward behaviour and how to know when you are maximising your performance

Ranges of Emotion

  • Knowing the full range of our emotions, the levels of resourcefulness of each one and how to use them to positive effect
  • Why emotions are just energy, how they arise and how we can manage them effectively to consciously create the results we really need and want
  • Moving mentally and emotionally from a place of “I can’t to I can” in a matter of just a few moments
  • Recognising and managing resistance in ourselves and other people
  • Understanding emotional thresholds, unconscious comfort zones and habits. How to deal with the stressful ‘make or break’ point effectively to take our performance to the next level
  • The devastating effects that anger and frustration have on performance, how to manage them effectively within ourselves and others without suppressing emotions only to have them resurface at a later date
  • How to maintain a perspective of watchfulness and how to then access a flow state in terms of personal energy and results

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