Natural Superhero Programmes and Services

Insights Event

Natural Superheroes Two-Hour Experience

Keynote Presentations

30-60 Minute Presentations for Conferences or Away Days.


One Day Workshop

An entertaining interactive ‘Natural Superhero’ workshop experience introducing enneagram motivational profiling in a fun way and exploring practical emotional intelligence exercises for improving personal performance and the self.

Natural Superheroes Intensive Weekend – 3 Days

Held in Cambridgeshire, this three-day weekend experience offers up to 30 people the opportunity to uncover the ‘Natural Superhero’ talents.

12-Day Natural Superheroes Coach Programme

A very special training experience for coaches & team leaders of how to coach others the ‘Natural Superhero’ way.

One to One Clients

Anne works on short, medium and long term projects with clients. Individual projects are tailored and priced accordingly.

Free Profile

Anne has made her online Enneagram profiling system available to everyone.