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SEN Conference – London

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On Wednesday 16th June 2016, I will be giving a Natural Superheroes keynote presentation at The SEN Conference in London.

Janet O’Keefe is the founder and organiser of the annual Special Educational Needs conference which she has titled ‘Towards a Positive Future’.

In her words …

“Towards a Positive Future’ is a conference which focuses on providing encouragement, information and hope for parents of, and professionals working with, children with needs. Attendance at the conference supports parents to take control, to share, inspire each other and make sure children with needs get the education and care they need and that will empower, enthuse and enable practitioners to be heard and shape the future.”

Janet’s book of the same title, shares stories, ideas and inspiration from children with special educational needs, their families and professionals. I have just purchased my own copy to read so I can understand more of their world and tailor the content of the Natural Superheroes keynote to her audience.

The first time I met Janet (and before I knew anything about her) I noticed how incredibly succinct she is with her communication. So clear, concise and conscious. It was refreshing interacting with someone who was undoubtedly listening intently to everything I was saying, without judgement, before responding to me. I soon found out she is a speech and language therapist for children with special needs.

Her commitment to this very special annual conference make her a Natural Superhero. Creating an event where parents and professionals with so much experience can come together to share practical ideas and give their support to one another is a great achievement. I wish her luck in growing her network for this conference worldwide and encourage you to share her website with people you know who are involved with special needs children and adults.

I am humbled, honoured and delighted to be invited to present at the conference. The event will be filmed so I hope to post a few video snippets of the keynote shortly after the event.

For further details of the SEN Conference and Janet’s valuable work, please click here.