The Enneagram is one of the most powerful tools available to help us understand, face and work through our limitations in order to effortlessly achieve more of our full potential.

The Enneagram is a geometric figure that maps out the nine fundamental personality types of human nature and their complex interrelationships. The descriptions of these nine types provide astonishingly comprehensive understandings about the inner motivations, thought patterns, basic belief systems, and emotional coping mechanisms of each one.

Those new to the Enneagram are often intrigued and surprised to discover clear accurate portraits of themselves and those they live and work with. They find that each style has its own natural gifts, limitations and blind spots. They also find clearly exposed those unconscious assumptions (closely held beliefs, opinions, inclinations and expectations) that they hardly knew they had, but which totally drive their thoughts feelings and behaviours, and prevented them achieving their goals. Baffling aspects of their own behaviour suddenly make sense.

Knowing our type is not the final destination. It is merely an embarkation point for a much greater journey. The intention is NOT to BOX us in!! The enneagram, by revealing “the trance” we are in effectively tells us that the ‘type’ is who we are NOT ……. We are much, much more than the pattern.

When we learn about the Enneagram we have;

  1. A level of understanding of ourselves that we never had in our entire life
  2. Simple usable practical tools we can use to massively increase our awareness and be able to gain total emotional mastery over ourselves
  3. Learn simple tools to enable us to have massive results focused productivity driven behaviours
  4. Being able to understand exactly where others are coming from and be unshakeable
  5. An understanding of the pitfalls and the psychological traps we set for ourselves which cause unnecessary stress/frustration
  6. We see how our Enneagram style amounts to something like a hypnotic trance
  7. An opportunity to learn and experience methods to keep us out of that trance, instead of sleepwalking through our ‘idea’ of the world rather than the reality of it

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A Summary of the Nine Enneagram Types

The Perfectionist
Ones want to do things properly and get it right and be honest, responsible.

The Carer
Twos focus on tuning in to others’ emotions and helping them meet their needs and wants

The Achiever
Threes want to work hard to be the best and to be admired for what they have achieved

The Artist
Fours explore their internal emotional world, and desire to be unique, genuine and different

The Genius
Fives detach emotionally from others, and amass information to feel safe in their own world

The Loyalist
Sixes question, analyse, worry, play devil’s advocate and wonder whom they can trust

The Enthusiast
Sevens consumed by plans, want to live life to the full by exploring a multiplicity of experiences

The Leader
Eights want to be assertive, in full control and protect those they perceive to be defenceless

The Peacemaker
Nines want to merge with others’ agendas, keep the peace, and be part of the whole rather than stand out.