The following information provides you with some of the insights we share with the participants of the Natural Superheroes events.

07-THE-ENTHUSIAST-1Type Seven – The Enthusiast

Also known as: Adventurer, Optimist, Eternal Teenager World View: The world is an exciting place full of opportunities and new experiences to be had Focus on: Seeking a variety of experiences Underlying Fear: That the world somehow limits them Natural Virtues: Sobriety Natural Coaching and Leadership Style: The cheerleaders, motivators and networkers

Overview of Type Seven Enneagram Profile

Known for their optimism, playfulness, spontaneity and humour, SEVENS have a gift for networking and connecting with people.

They are very creative and have a great ability to draw together information from many different sources and synthesise these into new ideas and concepts. Having an active imagination, they like to keep all options open and have difficulty seeing any downside. They tend to avoid conflict, avoid mundane routine work, hate being criticised, and avoid feelings of pain, not seeing these as opportunities for growth.

They are naturally very fast learners and often have a multitude of projects and activities on the go. Excessive involvement in so many diverse areas often leads to an inability to decide what is truly important and what to stick with until completion. Although great at the inception of a new project, SEVENS find it hard to take it through to completion when, being easily bored, they find another tempting experience or challenge that beckons.

Healthier aspects of the personality develop when they begin to appreciate the now, instead of always planning what to do next, and when they develop the patience and persistence to follow through with projects. Paying more attention to discomfort and negative feelings offers opportunities to see their constant activity as a way of diverting attention from the causes of them.

Underlying Issues that arise for Sevens

There is a core belief that they are limited and constrained by the world, which causes them pain, and the sense that they are not able to find what they really want to do in life. To escape this sense of constraint they become gluttons for new, interesting, different and pleasurable experiences.

At their worst (when feelings of apathy, grief, fear, lust and anger arise) manic, impulsive, narcissistic, opinionated, rebellious, self- centered, self- destructive, unreliable, restless, frantic, perfectionistic, and defensive

At an average-healthy level (when feelings of pride arise and courage) fun loving, lively, enthusiastic, spontaneous, humorous, loving, imaginative, charming, energetic, caring, entertaining, generous, innovative At their very, very best (when they are feeling acceptance for what is and completely at peace) Genius, experts, focussed, objective

Connected Types


These behavioural tendencies are highlighted through the enneagram diagram by the lines of integration (healthy behaviour) and disintegration (unhealthy behaviour). The arrows within the diagram below follow the direction of where the types move towards when they are feeling stressed.

Healthy – When relaxed and productive, SEVENS take on some of the characteristics of FIVES (Genius)
Unhealthy – When stressed, SEVENS take on some of the characteristics of ONES (Perfectionists)

Enneagram Type Sevens in Relationships

With a core motivation that drives the search for new opportunities and fun experiences, sevens can be very optimistic, spontaneous, self-directed and happy. They will support you and will engage in many different activities with you. A constant preoccupation with stimulation and adventure leads to the seven in potential denial of any problems in a relationship. Not able or willing to stay with negative feelings for very long, sevens will evade issues by suggesting other activities to get involved in, or making fun of the issue and discounting it. Their minds are always considering more positive options and they can become impatient with those who can’t keep up with them, or those who get down and depressed ‘for no reason’.

Sevens at Work

Often very popular at work, sevens are friendly, optimistic, scatty, charming and disarming. They have an allergy to authority and to hierarchical levels in an organisation, believing everyone to be equal. They avoid confrontation by going through loopholes or broadening the terms of engagement.

They work very enthusiastically at the beginning of a new job or project, but can lose interest quickly if they don’t find enough variety in the role, and often fail to move a project to completion. Sevens have a gift for being able to make unique connections between strands of information from different unrelated fields and thereby synthesise new projects. A focus on the new, exciting, different, pleasurable can produce interesting new ideas and options but this can also be an excuse to escape looking at other major issues, feelings or concerns, and lead to escapism.

The Leadership style of Sevens

At their best, sevens as leaders promote a very happy, enthusiastic, positive climate. They inspire others to look at the positive outcomes of challenging projects, and encourage innovation, brainstorming, networking and flexibility. They are very adaptable and can handle multiple projects. At unhealthy levels, the seven’s desire for variety results in lack of focus and energy being diverted to too many projects with no clear focus on one.This can frustrate others as the seven denies that any problems exist and points to the need to be positive.

Time Management Strategies for Sevens

Sevens will cram a variety of different experiences into their time management plan (if they have one at all that is).

This leads to a lack of focus, rarely finishing tasks and missed opportunities to excel in one area within which they can have a natural passion and ‘stickability’ for.

The tendency is to be attracted to what is fun instead of what needs to be done. Therefore, the question they need to ask themselves on a regular basis is how can I make the mundane things in life more fun for me to do.

When stressed, sevens seek structure so they must be careful to not create plans that are too rigid.

Sevens in Sport

The challenge for sevens in sport is that they get bored very quickly indeed and therefore rarely stick with one sport long enough to master it. Therefore, they benefit from making the most routine methods of training fun and enjoyable.

However, sports they are naturally drawn to are likely to require tremendous amounts of physical energy and variety such as triathlon, decathlon, heptathlon and pentathlon events.

Seven are one of three ‘head’ types within the enneagram which means energy is often wasted on mind chatter which if they learn to re-channel into their performance would give them significant and continuous improvement.

Suggestions for the personal development of an Enneagram Type Seven

Start to notice:
  • How have you side-lined fear, painful feelings or issues by escaping into activity and planning?
  • How has the need for fun and new experiences prevented you from getting in touch with your real emotions?
  • What are you afraid of if you were to just do nothing and feel inside?
  • How have you experienced overload?
  • What prevents you from finishing what you start?

What you can do and ask of yourself:

  • Could you allow yourself to focus on what needs your attention in the here and now?
  • Could you allow yourself to find enjoyable ways to take things to completion?
  • Could you allow yourself to let go of some of the options you are considering?
  • Could you allow yourself to pay more attention to your health?
  • Be open to feedback from others – positive or negative
  • Ask others about their day!
  • Focus on the task in hand. The other options can wait their turn

Famous ‘sevens’
with a ‘six’ wing

Sports People

  • Denise Lewis (Heptathlon Olympic Gold Medallist)


  • Eddie Murphy
  • Cliff Richard
  • Joan Collins
  • Jim Carrey
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Liberace
  • Marianne Williamson (author)
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Howard Stern
  • Mick Jagger
  • Cameron Diaz
  • George Hamilton
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Chris Tucker

Historical Figures

  • Sigmund Freud

Famous ‘sevens’
with a ‘eight’ wing

Current Business/Political Leaders

  • Sir Richard Branson
  • Hugh Hefner


  • Daley Thompson


  • Will Smith
  • Lenny Henry
  • Gordon Ramsey

Type Seven Organisations

  • Apple
  • Disney