Natural Superhero Coach 

Available to only 10 people per year, Anne works closely with delegates to share as much of her experience as she can over a 12-day period.

At the end of the programme, if all of the assignments are passed, successful coaches are accredited and acknowledged on the Natural Superheroes website as such.

Using the enneagram profiling, coaches learn how to use coaching in such a way as to maximise a person’s natural potential to improve their performance and engender lasting commitment, responsibility and accountability to achieve specific objectives.

Programme Objectives:

  • Personal Enneagram Profiling – Discover your ‘coaching’ enneagram type, and understand your deepest core motivators as a coach, what can ‘trip you up’, and how to avoid the traps you set for yourself when coaching
  • Expert Enneagram Training – you can learn about nine fundamental core motivational types of the Enneagram in great detail. How to identify the types from their appearance
  • Have a full understanding as to what motivates individuals instantly and what coaching questions will naturally empower them.
  • Become very aware of how you can more quickly develop very strong relationships with every coachee by understanding exactly why they communicate, think and behave the way they do
  • Learn about the RC60™ accelerated coaching system from its’ creator to improve any area of performance in a matter of moments
  • Be able to coach more aspects of performance in much less time
  • Save valuable time and improve performance
  • Sustain high levels of motivation holistically
  • Keep yourself and others highly focused throughout the day
  • Reduce stress levels and improve performance simultaneously


Days 1-3 The Enneagram – Learning to Identify and Coach Each of the Nine Types
  • What is the Enneagram – learn how to explain how the enneagram works to others
  • Benefits of using the Enneagram – how to position the enneagram with your coachees
  • Nine Types of coach & coachee – Strengths and weaknesses as a coach
  • What is likely to trip you up as a coach and how to prevent that from happening
  • The Enneagram Triads from a coaching perspective
  • Identifying the types in others through profiling and observation
  • Core motivational drivers of each type and their movement through the enneagram levels through various phases of the coaching process
Days 5 The RC60TM Accelerated Coaching System
  • The Accelerated Coaching Model
  • 3 Key Steps to Success
  • 8 Coaching Strategies to choose from and the benefits of each one
  • Selecting the best strategy to use
  • How to use this system in 15 minutes and in 60 seconds
  • The Importance of being in your ‘Natural Coaching State’ and discovering what that means for you
  • Emotional intelligence coaching practices
  • Releasing techniques
  • Present Moment Awareness – deepening the experience
Days 6-8 – Intensive practice sessions

Three days of intense and testing practice with expert coaching the coach from Anne

  • Delegates are invited to present and talk about the different enneagram types and how to coach them so they can communicate with their clients effectively
  • Delegates are given a long series of exercise to identify enneagram types from their appearance and their online profile results to build confidence in their ability to use the system
  • Delegates are invited to coach each other in role play situations
  • Delegates are invited to coach a number of special guests – real world clients
Day 9 – Moving Forward
  • Personal development plans and strategies
  • Understanding test case assignment activity
  • Preparation for the weekend review programme
Day 10 – Private Coaching Between the Face to Face Programmes
  • 2 One to One Private Coaching Sessions with Anne
  • Private time with Anne is arranged with each coach to share their experiences ‘in the field’ and receive personal guidance with their coaching work.
Days 11-12 – Weekend Programme – approximately 8 weeks later

All accredited coaches are invited to attend this annual event to refresh their skills, share their experiences and continue with their development.

I ran my first two-day course within a few weeks of completing the training. The level of knowledge I gained gave me the confidence to know that I could deliver it well. The quality of the course content is excellent. The notes – slides – games etc mean that if you work hard plan and prepare well you can deliver an excellent course that has people buzzing. It was wonderful to actually see the results of what I had learnt when I passed it onto the team managers and also to go back and see that they are using the concepts and information on daily basis.Sue Marcantonio, Certifcated

Next Programme:

25th November 2016 – 3rd December 2016 & 4th – 5th February 2017 (Weekend Follow Up)

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