Weekend Programme

Open to people who have attended the Natural Superheroes one-day workshop, this emotionally challenging weekend programme starts Friday morning and runs until late Sunday afternoon.

Over the three days, Anne reveals significantly more detailed insights into the enneagram and works through key issues within the room. She demonstrates how to apply her self-coaching techniques to handle a wide variety of different difficult challenges and situations.

Not for the feint hearted, this experience offers a chance to explore the self and work with others to improve life experience and results. By focusing on measuring success through people’s return on investment, this programme aims to change lives for the better.

Programme Objectives:

  • Deepen the Experience applying PMA to improve confidence and performance
  • To discover what people really, really want from life and its’ meaning
  • Learn how remove, tackle and overcome limiting enneagram patterns within ourselves
  • Apply proven planning techniques to raise awareness and focus on the results we want

Day One: Delegates learn and understanding the three levels of behaviour in greater detail and how our ‘wants’ can make conscious unconscious fears. Through a series of presentations and exercises, we explore how to increase our PMA in the most difficult of circumstances.

  • Enneagram Levels of Behaviour, Triads and Respective Coaching Strategies

Day Two: Delegates use the enneagram to explore what they really, really want from life and begin to work through their personal challenges/blocks using the enneagram and tailored self-coaching techniques to realise more of their potential.

  • Understanding how each Enneagram type can explore what they really want
  • Self-limiting patterns and blocks that arise frequently with each type and how to coach them

Day Three: Results Focused Time and Life Management practices are tailored to each enneagram type to raise consciousness and change behaviour every day to make progress we really want towards the life experiences we want to have.

  • Results Focused Time Management systems and strategies for each type
  • Personal planning and performance coaching experiences
  • Beyond the programme – how to keep the momentum going

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Investment: £450 plus VAT
Next Programme: 6th, 7th & 8th January 2017