If you are in Sales or Professional Sport and want to:

  • realise even more of your potential

  • further improve your levels of emotional intelligence

  • develop sustainable natural self-confidence without ego …

…then please either join us to experience one of our open introductory events or call to arrange an introductory consultation.

We serve people by helping them understand themselves in a different way so that they have more awareness and self-control to be truly amazing even in the most difficult and challenging of circumstances.

We share knowledge, experience and insights into how people can consistently transform themselves into authentic ‘Natural Superheroes’. Natural Superheroes takes challenging topics of emotional intelligence and the ego and make learning and development of the ‘self’ fun, interesting and fulfilling. And yet this level of development is not for the feint hearted. It takes courage to work with the truth and the truth can be painful. But, when we meet and face the truth without fear can we realise so much more of our potential and let go of whatever is holding us back.

Team Performance

Learn how you can improve your team's performance, whether in Sales or Pro-Sport

Free Profile

Anne has made her online Enneagram profiling system available to everyone.

Where do I start?

Our open Insight Events are a good place to start.

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Then, if you wish to progress with your development we provide:

  • 30-60 minute Keynote presentations
  • One Day in-house workshops
  • One to one private client experiences – one off consultations and 3-12 month projects
  • A Natural Superheroes Coach Programme